The First and Last Rover P6 off the production line

The image top left is of 101 FGO the first Rover P6 off the production line at Solihull. The picture of this Rover 2000 was taken late in 1963 after the car had been repainted from grey to red. This car came off the production in January 1963.

The picture bottom left is of VVC 700S the last Rover P6 off the production line. The picture was taken in the same place Carding Mill Valley as the picture of 101 FGO however it was taken 45 years later in 2008.

VVC 700S is a 3500S and came off the production line on 19th March 1977 and marked the end of production of the Rover range. However VVC 700S is not the highest chassis number and was not the last P6 to finish assembly because there were a dozen or more unfinished 2200 that were finished off after being removed from the production line prior to VVC . Those cars were finished a short time later.

The picture below was taken a couple of years ago and is of  VVC 700S at a local event to us. We have owned this car since October 2005 and after being off the road for a couple of years, he will return to the road in 2016 ready to celebrate the 40th Anniversary in 2017 of the end of production of  the Rover P6.

We are currently restoring the oldest surviving Rover P6 2000 engine which we unearthed a couple of years ago in a garage pit. The engine has the number P6 / 9/ 58 stamped on it